Baras California

California Bar welcomes everyone who enjoys excellent food and drink. We offer tapas, wine, cocktails, and good music. It is one of those places where the food is of the highest quality, the wine is not unimportant, and the service is highly professional.

Wines in the California Bar are offered both by the glass and by the bottle. Even expensive wines are available by the glass as the owners feel that good things should be available to everyone who knows how to enjoy them. We also serve a wide variety of strong drinks and cocktails.

Our menu includes a number of traditional Spanish dishes and snacks featuring seafood and dry-cured ham. The menu also includes various vegetables, some of which are roasted in the oven at the client’s request—which is totally different from the sun-dried tomatoes that we are used to.

In addition to cold and hot tapas, the menu always offers gazpacho (raw tomato soup), authentic Spanish paella, and the Pata Negro (‘Black leg’) seasoned ham made from wild pork.

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   Reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius Airport

Works of reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius airport will be conducted during the period from 14 July till 17 August 2017, Kaunas will be the capital of flights during the 35 summer days with the majority of flights being directed to this airport.

Make sure you book a flight to Kaunas Airport which is just an hour drive to our hotel. Our exclusive luxury pick-up service prices you will find here